How many embryos to transfer? Surrogacy Costs

One of the things you can take in consideration when deciding whether one or two embryos in your surrogacy journey is: what is the cost of surrogacy?

Two embryos in surrogacy

As probably you already know, Transfer two embryos instead of one can be seen as a riskier but cheaper option because we have to hire a lawyer, pay a surrogate mother, cover anew IVF process, paperwork after the birth, travels, hotels, etch so it can be seemed cheaper to do a single journey rather than two.

The cost differential is far less impressive than you think. For example in United States

  • A surrogate mother will get more money for carrying twins (an extra 5000-10,000 USD)
  • Cesarean is almost guaranteed, that means more money for the surrogate mother (5000-10000 USD)
  • Bed rest and child care: there is a very good chance that your surrogate mother will need to be taken off work many weeks before term. You may have to pay her lost wages and sometimes for childcare because she can’t take care of her kids (she is on “bedrest”).
  • Your time away from work: because of the double arrival, one or the two of you may have to take longer parental leave (usually unpaid) and might consider a long-term change in career. That’s costly.

surrogacy cost

On the other hand, a second journey is cheaper mainly because your embryos are already created, and some agencies will give you a price reduction for the second journey, or even you don´t need to hire the agency if you use the same surrogate mother. You could ask your agency upfront about it upfront: what discount would you offer for a repeat journey.

Although most twins do well and have a good outcome, having a singleton will significantly decrease your risks of major and minor complications although pregnancy rate per transfer is slightly lower with single versus double embryo transfer, but not by much. There’s so much one can’t predict when having children, the number of embryo transferred is the only variable you can control.

Having two repeat singleton journeys is fun, is not as expensive as you think. Having a twin journey is not as cheap as you think.  An remember !  your primary goal is to become a parent, not to have twins.

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